Release Procedure

Version Numbering

Releases have a <major>.<minor>.<patch> versioning scheme, and broadly follow the Semantic Versioning conventions:

  • Changes to the major version number indicate backwards-incompatible changes to the feature set and/or interface;
  • Changes to the minor version indicate backwards-compatible feature enhancements;
  • Changes to the patch version indicate backwards-compatible bug fixes.

There is no formal end-of-life for Comet releases, but generally only critical bugs will be fixed in major or minor versions earlier than the most recent release.

Making a Release

Major and minor releases happen on a branch named release-N.M, where N is the major version number and M the minor. Create the branch as follows:

$ git checkout -b release-N.M

Patch releases happen on existing branches. Check out the branch as follows:

$ git checkout release-N.M

The release will correspond to a particular commit in which we set the version number. After all the other commits which will constitute the release have been committed to the release branch, edit the file comet/ and set the __version__ variable appropriately. Also make sure the release history page docs/history.rst contains the date of the new release. Commit this change with an appropriate log message:

$ vim comet/
$ vim docs/history.rst
$ git commit comet/ docs/history.rst -m "Set version N.M.P."

Next tag the release with the version number:

$ git tag "N.M.P" -m "Comet release N.M.P."

Push everything, including the tag, to GitHub:

$ git push --tags origin release-N.M

Visit the ReadTheDocs Dashboard and ensure that the release branch is marked as active (i.e. that documentation for that branch will be built). Normally, the most recent release should be marked as the “default version”.

Push an update to PyPI. Should be as simple as:

$ python sdist upload.

Chance back to the master branch and increment the version number to indicate that it is now a pre-release of the next version of Comet (e.g., N.M+1.0-pre). Make sure that the release history is correct here too. Commit and push.

E-mail an announcement to the IVOA Time Domain Interest Group mailing list.