Event Publisher

comet-sendvo is a simple event publisher: it forwards messages from an author to a broker.

After installation, it should be possible to execute comet-sendvo directly from the command line. Use the --help option to display a brief usage message:

$ comet-sendvo --help
Usage: comet-sendvo [options]
  -h, --host=             Host to send to. [default: localhost]
  -p, --port=             Port to send to. [default: 8098]
  -f, --file=             Where to read XML text (- is stdin). [default: -]
      --version           Display Twisted version and exit.
      --help              Display this help and exit.

Basic usage is straightforward: simply supply comet-sendvo with the details of the broker to connect to using the --host and --port options (or accept the defaults), and give it the text of a VOEvent either directly on standard input or by giving the path to a file. For example:

$ comet-sendvo --host=remote.invalid --port=8098 < voevent_to_publish.xml


$ comet-sendvo -h remote.invalid -f voevent_to_publish.xml